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 Digital TV Transmitters


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New Digital UHF Transmitters with  Digital Modulator

The SLx Familly of UHF & VHF Transmitters

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SLV8000 (SLX8000) Familly of Low Power UHF & VHF Transmitters

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The R&SŪSLx8000 family includes UHF and VHF transmitters for digital and analog TV as well as for digital audio broadcasting. The compact devices can be used as transmitters or retransmitters. Intelligent operating functions
reduce the transmitters' setting times. A special feature is
the automatic set & go function that does away with the
time-consuming output stage precorrection for all digital
standards. The compact, flexible all-in-one-box concept
allows various
options to be integrated, which simplifies
logistics and handling when transmitter sites are difficult
to access.


UHF/VHF low-power transmitters for analog and digital TV and digital audio broadcasting

Retransmitter in multifrequency networks for

Compact equipment of only two to four  eight units

Broadband precorrection for digital standards with set & go function

Simple conversion from analog to digital TV
(without hardware modifications)

Top Rohde & Schwarz quality with excellent price/performance ratio


Suitable for use in single frequency and multi frequency networks

Up to 150 Watts

TMU-9 Series UHF Air-Cooled  Transmitter Family


TMU9 Presentaion

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The R&SŪTMU9 transmitter family offers unique flexibility by providing more than 50 different standard configurations. Featuring efficiency of up to 38 % for COFDM and up to 42 % for ATSC, it achieves the highest energy savings on the market  Plus, the simple system configuration allows quick startup. The high availability of the R&SŪTMU9  ensures unsurpassed reliable operation. And its compact size saves space at the transmitter site.


Efficiency of up to 38 % for COFDM and up to 42 % for ATSC

Quick startup, easy operation and high availability

Efficiency in energy,  Economical: minimum power consumption for cost savings over system lifetime

Efficiency in space, Space-saving: several transmitters and additional components in one rack

Efficiency in operation, Smooth: installation,

operation and maintenance

Efficiency in configuration, Customer-focused: modular solutions for flexible system configuration

Efficiency for a lifetime, Future-ready: can be expanded to accommodate new standards and technologies

Up to 2850 Watts