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Encoders and Multiplexer Manufacturers

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HD and SD Digital Encoders

Multiplexers; Standard, Rate Shape or Statistical,  listed below


Adtec Encoders and Multiplexers
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Spec Sheet 1

EN20 Encoder (2 channel SD & HD)

The EN20 is a two-channel High and Standard definition MPEG 2 distribution encoder supporting ATSC and DVB QAM, ASI and IP distribution platforms.
It inherits Adtec’s broadcast quality compression, advanced feature set, service performance and reliability in the new dense two-channel platform targeted towards broadcasters, cable and IP compression applications.

The device automatically detects video and audio from two sources (combination of HD and SD acceptable), encodes, multiplexes and send them back out as one combined TS via IP, ASI or optional QAM. Closed captioning and support for Emergency Alert (EAS) are standard.
mediaHUB-Pro 02 Encoder (High quality SD & HD)

The mediaHUB-Pro 02 is a real-time Contribution-quality MPEG 2 Standard and High Definition encoder. It is designed to support the most demanding Contribution, ATSC, DVB and IPTV MPEG 2 Distribution applications; the Studio version of the mediaHUB-Pro 02 encodes Cable Labs VOD and DPI compliant MPEG 2 Transport Streams. The Pro’s auto-detect HD/SD-SDI video input eliminates the need for user resolution and frame rate configuration. It boasts dual stream on-board audio encoding of MPEG 1 Layer 2 audio including support for Dolby E and Dolby 5.1 passthrough. Optional dual stream Dolby Digital AC3 encode can be added with a simple software key either at the factory or in the field. Standard Adtec transport interfaces include three ASI copper outputs with included support for transport over GIGE. Audio inputs include AES3 Digital Audio, SDI and Analog audio. BISS 1 and BISS E encryption is an option that can be field activated with a simple software key, no hardware required. The Pro’s user interfaces include a comprehensive easy-to-use front panel interface, on-board Web application server for configuration and monitoring plus SNMP 2.0C MIBS. Unique features of the Studio version include a built-in confidence decoder with HD/SD-SDI, HDMI and D1 outputs.

DTA3050 Multiplexer (10 channel)

Digital television service operators wishing to aggregate and process MPEG, ATSC, Digicypher, or DVB based services for traditional (satellite, cable, terrestrial) services will find the DTA ideal. It boasts 10 ASI inputs. Each supporting wire speed, a three-way mirrored ASI output, GIGE, and optional SMPTE-310. Redundancy for ASI and SMPTE-310 is supported with an intelligent built in relay-bypassed switch. The DTA-3050 is IPTV and BBTV ready today, it supports multicast and unicast configurations including SPTS/UDP, MPTS/UDP, MPEG and DVB tables. Encryption support includes DVB-CSA with Ethernet Simylcrypt, AES for use with Simylcrypt compatible Conditional Access management Servers (CAS) vendors. The DTA 3050 is ideal for traditional and next generation television networks.

Comark Encoders and Statistical Multiplexers

CMX 5000 Series Encoder/Multiplexers

Available Models

CMX5210  1xHD/SD, 1xSD Enc/Mux
CMX5410  1xHD/SD, 3xSD Enc/Mux
CMX5600  6 x SD Enc/Mux
CMX5800  8 x SD Enc/Mux


Factory Installed Options CMX OPT CMX- OPT-TG,   IP Output GigE
CMX-OPT-FEC,  IP Fwd Error Corr.
CMX-OPT-GN,  PSIP Guide Ingest
CMX-OPT-67,  CC 608 to 708

Key Features

VBR encoding for up to 8 video and

stereo audio programs

Supports SD/HD MPEG-2 MP@ML

or MP@HL (4:2:0) video encoding

Compact 2RU platform operates in

stand-alone mode

B ilti id thi d i

CEA-608 and CEA-708 Closed

Caption extraction, with optional

translation from 608 to 708

Integrated EAS cut-over switch

Rear panel dry loop control and

monitor connections


Dynamic PSIP support in accordance

with ATSC A/65 standard

Built-in TS multiplexer with dual

mirrored ASI / SMPTE-310 outputs

Optional ASI input; used to mux

satellite content with local programs

Built-in video smoothing and noise O ti l di t PSIP i t f ith

filter, selectable per program stream

monitor output for at-a-glance

status of the encoded video


Optional direct interface with

popular traffic system software or

program guide services.

Drake Encoders and Multiplexers
Drake EH24 Encoder Host (6 module capacity)


The scalable Drake Digital EH24 Encoder Host features six bays fitting any combination of SDE24 and HDE24 modules, all within in a 2 rack unit (RU) chassis. The EH24 system can encode up to 12 analog video inputs when fully populated with six SDE24 Encoder Modules. The EH24 can multiplex the encoded video streams and output them via an integrated 1GHz QAM modulator and/or an integrated DVB-ASI port, to transmit the digital video over the network.

The EH24’s sophisticated transport stream multiplexer can combine any or all of the program streams from the Encoder Modules. The operator may select what programs to include in the QAM output channel and, independent of the QAM output, what programs to output via the DVB-ASI port. The QAM RF output can be specified for either off-air or CATV frequency plans in the 54 to 1002 MHz spectrum. The EH24 and installed Encoder Modules are powered by a highly efficient, integrated switching power supply.



SDE24 Standard Definition Encoder Module

The SDE24 module can encode up to two input sources, source 1 and source 2 in real-time. The module may be configured to encode source 1 in either MPEG2 or MPEG4 (H.264) transport streams. Source 2 may be encoded in MPEG2 only. Thus each Encoder Module can output one MPEG2 stream, two MPEG2 streams, one MPEG4 stream, or one MPEG2 and one MPEG4 stream.

Each SDE24 module provides two sets of input connectors for NTSC composite with stereo audio. Audio is encoded using Dolby AC-3 encoding.


HDE24 High Definition Encoder Module

The Drake HDE24 high-definition encoder module generates an MPEG2 or MPEG4 (H.264) video stream, with Dolby® AC3 or MPEG1 layer 2 audio. This module is designed to be installed into Drake's EH24 or MEQ1000-style chassis which provides the control and output interface to the unit. This configuration of encoder module and host chassis provides the ultimate in bandwidth management and economy by allowing multiple HD and SD streams to be multiplexed together dependent upon the limitations of the bandwidth of the chosen output: QAM and/or ASI.

The HDE24 high-definition encoder accepts non-encrypted HDMI or component video inputs and can inject closed-captioning data from a synchronized composite video source (typically provided by the same decoder that produces the HD video stream). Composite analog audio inputs provide the audio source when component video inputs are used. Typically HDMI has embedded audio but if the HDMI is derived from a source converter that does not provide audio, such as DVI-to-HDMI, then the analog composite inputs may be used.


Screen Service Encoders and Multiplexers


ENC 333A; Encoder HD/SD/1SEG, MPEG2/H.264

The ENC 333A is a high-definition system designed for real-time audio/video encoding for broadcast applications. This device is able to encode several HD and SD formats, providing high quality video, suitable for broadcast transmission. The video encoding technique, H.264 and MPEG-2, guarantees low output bit-rate with a flexible range that goes from 2 up to 25 Mbps. The audio stream is coded with high efficiency and quality, using: MPEG-1 Layer II, AAC-HE and AAC-LC or Dolby Digital Pro.
ENC 333A encodes in SD or HD resolution the video input signal that it come from one of the inputs: SDI, HDMI, and Analog Video (Y, Cb, Cr), according to the coding standards, H.264 and MPEG-2.
The ENC 333A includes not only video processing, but also stereo audio encoding in MPEG-1 Layer II (MP3), AAC HEv1, HEv2 and LC formats, Dolby Digital CE and Dolby Digital Professional. Video and audio elementary streams are multiplexed in an MPEG-2 Transport stream for output over an ASI link. A separate ASI input provides support for an external PSIP/SI data generator. Next to PAT and PMT, PSIP support includes MGT, TVCT and CVCT, while SI support includes NIT, SDT, CAT and TDT.
ENC 326; Two channels multi-standard H.264 encoder tailored for Mobile TV applications

Enc 326, is a 2 channels multi-standard H.264 encoder tailored for the Broadcasting Mobile TV services.
Developed for the next generation of digital video and audio end-equipment applications.
The encoder relies on a powerful hardware platform that features a best-in-class acquisition board, advanced pre-processing filters, statistical encoding, multiple codec support, multi-stream generation, and superior configuration and supervision capabilities. As a result, it is the solution of choice for all mobile TV applications
ENC 334; Four Channel SD-Encoder MPEG2/H.264

ENC 334 is the compact solution for your digital television head end. It provides up to 4 SD channel encoding capacity in order to quickly create a new line up or easily transco- de existing analog channel line ups to new digital ones for either DVB-T, DVB-S, IPTV, cable delivery. ENC 334 provides not only video processing, but also stereo audio enco- ding in MPEG-1, Layer II (MP3) and AAC (HE and LC) formats for each video channel. Video and audio elementary streams are multiplexed in an MPEG-2 Transport Stream for output over an ASI link. A separate ASI input provides support for an external PSIP/ SI table data generator.

Wellav Encoders and Multiplexers


Wellav SMP260 Encoder (6 channel ATSC Encoder/Multiplexer)

SMP260 is Wellav’s new generation encoder that can perform real-time encoding up to 6 programs for content re-distribution needs.


New Digital TV Transmitter Manufacturers



Anywave Communications Broadcast Products

Digital Transmitters from 25 watts to 2,500 watts

ATSC Digital Exciter
Model ACT-8XU/V-A-C

List Price $14,000.00

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Key Features:

• Fully compliant with A/53 (legacy) and A/153 (MH) ATSC standards

• VHF or UHF operation (specify with order)

• Powerful ADPCTM (Adaptive Digital Pre-Correction) of all linear and non-linear distortions created by a DTV transmitter system with its unique patented multi-dimensional pre-correction and precision demodulation technologies

• Innovative DDRFTM (Direct Digital RF) broadband automatic balancing technology achieves near perfect RF performance: MER > 40 dB, shoulder levels < -60 dB, out of band spurious < -60 dB and ultra low noise floor

• True real-time automatic pre-correction function uses various detection and protection mechanisms and provides 24/7 superior performance and reliability to the entire transmitter system

• Independent feedback for adaptive SWR optimization function maximizes emission signal quality after the transmitter band-pass filters (BPF)

• System level AGC (Auto Gain Control) function supports RF and DC AGC feedback samples

• Built-in GPS receiver for SFN/Mobile TV deployments

• Digital ultra-wideband phase noise processing technology automatically detects and compensates phase noise to achieve excellent performance

• Patented AIMTM (Adaptive Impedance Match) technology ensures impedances matching at RF Output

• Continuous, automatic and real-time measurement and display of shoulder level and SNR of transmitted signal

• Dual Transport Stream inputs (DVB-ASI or SMPTE310M auto-sensing), provides seamless A/B input redundancy

• Real-time input Transport Stream rate adaption with accurate PCR correction (A/53 operation)

• Real-time input Transport Stream rate display including MH percentages

• Real-time temperature display and overheat alarm

• Power control and monitoring interfaces (web/RS232/RS485/front panel LCD) and easy to use Man Machine Interface (MMI)

• Supports firmware upgrade locally or remotely via RJ45

• Optional TSoIP input

• Optional ATSC A/110:2011 Single Frequency Network (SFN) compatible


Transmitters available from 25 watts to 2,500 watts

Anywave Pricing and Brochures

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Digital TV Transmitters in ATSC (8VSB) or DVB T/H

Digital Power

10 dBm Digital Pricing
60 w Digital Pricing
230 w Digital Pricing
450 w Digital Pricing
900 w Digital Pricing
1,700 w Digital Pricing
2,500 w Digital Pricing
3,500 w Digital Pricing
6,000 w Digital Pricing


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Digital transmitter

 up to 2.85 KW





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ARK 6, 20 watt Exciter

Main Features
• ASI, MPEG-over-IP, SMPTE310, RF, SSI Input:
> Support 4 ASI input
> Support 4 SSI input
> Support 2 ASI Output
> Support 2 MPEG over IP input/output channels on GBE port 2
• Enable/Disable of cable equalizer bypass on input ASI ports
• “ONE-CLICK” Linear and non-linear ADAPTIVE digital pre-correction circuits, when
operated as transmitter
• Linear and non-linear digital pre-correction circuits, when operated as repeater
• One RF input to operate the ARK-6 in rebroadcasting mode.
• Support the Editing of Virtual Channel Table in Translator mode
• Internal GPS receiver
• Internal clock: Oven Controlled OCXO oscillator (10 MHz and 1 PPS)
• Output clock: 1 PPS and 10 MHz
• Compliant to ATSC A/53 and A/65 standard
• Compliant to A/153 ATSC-MH standard
• Bit rate adaptation plus PCR re-stamping
• Embedded HTTP server
• RF main and monitoring outputs
• Supports a measure board for the monitoring of the modulated signal: SNR, BER,
• Amber switching implemented as a search for valid input when the priority one is
not locked.
• Test modes: CW, Force Null Packets and PRBS
• Redundancy: Input auto-switch algorithm supported
• Option A/110b compliant for SFN transmission
• Option: A/110b Compliant for STL with ATSC-MH transmission

SDT202 Transmitter (up to 3KW)


     • Amber switching implemented as a search for valid input when the priority one is not locked.
• Enable/Disable of cable equalizer bypass on input ASI ports
• Two MPEG over IP input/output channels on GbE port 2.
• Test mode supported
o Force Null Packets
o CW
• ASI/SSI input
o Support 4 ASI input
o Support 4 SSI input
o 2 ASI output
• Supports a mesure board for the monitoring of the modulated signal and for adaptive linear and non linear precorrection.
• One RF input to operate the ARK-6 in rebroadcasting mode.
• Compliant to ATSC A/53 and A/65 standard
• Compliant to A153 ATSC-MH standard
• Internal GPS receiver
• Bit rate adaptation plus PCR restamping
• Embedded HTTP server
• RF main and monitoring outputs
• Linear and non-linear ADAPTIVE digital pre-correction circuits, when operated as transmitter Linear and non-linear digital pre-correction circuits, when operated as repeater Support the editing of virtual channel table translator mode
• Internal clock: oven controlled OCXO oscillator (10 MHz and 1PPS)
• Output clock: 1 PPS and 10 MHz
• A/110, STL compliant as a options Option Features
• Based on Software Defined Technology (SWDT), ARK6 Modulator allows the definition of different operative modes on the same hardware platform.

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  Digital TV Transmitters & Translators

in ATSC (8VSB) or DVB T/H


Digital Transmitters

  • Includes built in RF up-converter
  • Agile UHF RF output channel select with non-volatile memory
  • ATSC compliant 8VSB Trellis encoded modulation
  • ASI, SMPTE 310 or SPI digital input
  • External 10MHz reference input
  • Linear and non-linear pre-correction
  • 44 MHz output loop
  • Internal RF Isolator protection
  • Internal Bandpass filter
  • Remote monitoring
  • Made in North America


Special Sale Pricing, Limited Time Only

Price includes digital modulator and mask filter

Output Power shown after mask filter

UHF Model Digital Power Output (W) Price
  Transmitter Pricing  


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Digital Output  Power
ASI-320 Input
SPMTE-310 Input SPI Input MER
TM200 8VSB 2 through 70 13 dBm X   X >36 dB
TM600 8VSB 2 through 70 13 dBm X X X >45 dB
TAUD-20 2 through 69 20 W       >45 dB
TAUD-40 2 through 69 40 W       >45 dB
TAUD-100 2 through 69 100 W       >45 dB
TAUD-250 2 through 69 250 W       >45 dB
TAUD-500 2 through 69 500 W       >45 dB
TAUD-1000 2 through 69 1000 W       >45 dB


TAUD-40 Block Diagram