Base Station Rack

        (3 Sector Version)


  High isolation diplexers eliminate active

     electronics on the tower.


  Extremely low noise preamps/filters deliver

     exceptional sensitivity.


  Frequency agile down-converters for

    maximum versatility.


  Carrier class wireless data termination



  Pentium based server


  Complete test shelf for easy off-air



  Agile up-converter for simple setup



  High power extremely linear power amplifiers

     for maximum range




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120 two panel set

 Digital Sectoral Antenna




VP-700 Sectoral Panel Antenna












Power Antenna announces a new line of 700 MHz Fixed Wireless Base Station Antennas for full duplex high speed voice, data, and VoIP transmission in the recently allocated 698 - 806 MHz band.  Like all of our products, these antennas are extremely efficient with high gains and low VSWR.  Typical VSWR is less than 1.10 throughout the desired band and less than 1.05 on frequency to allow maximum throughput and to minimize latency due to high Bit Error Rates. The panels include custom mounting brackets to enable sectoral coverage of 60, 90, and 120 degrees.  The mounting brackets are manufactured in plant out of steel and are 'hot-dipped' galvanized for weather protection.  The mounting hardware allows quick and easy installation of the panels, as they are marked for the three coverage options. The simplicity built into the mounts removes the possibility of installation error, such as phase cancellation, due to the improper placement of the individual panels; a common occurrence at multiple antenna installation locations.


Frequency: 698 – 806 MHz, Gain (2 panel system): 15.4dBd @ 55, 13.3dBd @ 90, 12.6dBd @ 120


Sector Tuning: Pre-fabricated inside antenna and achieved by use of custom mounting brackets


Impedance: 50 ohms


VSWR: 1.1:1 Max, 1.05:1 on frequency tuned


Polarization: Vertical


Max. Input Power: 1000 watts per 2 panel system


Input Connector: N female per panel, 7/8 EIA on power divider @ 1kW input


H-Plane: 60, 90, 120 degrees


E-Plane: 5.5 degrees @60 H, 11 @ 90 & 120


H. to half power points


Downtilt: Any degree of Electrical or Mechanical or combination of both available.


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(For use with single sector base station)




Collinear omni antenna, 10.5 dBd gain, low PIM, 694-960 MHz

• 10.5 dBd gain, high null fill and 1.4:1 VSWR, providing excellent coverage
• -153dBc passive intermod performance reduces unwanted harmonic frequencies
• Designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions