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Nautel AMPFET ND10

10 KW Solid State AM Transmitter


Configuration                                   8-1.25 kW Power Amplifier/Modulator subsystem modules (each with integral cooling fan). Main and Standby exciter sections with Audio and RF Drivers


Power Output                                    (Rated) 10,000 watts (Capable) 11,000 watts

Five preset power levels between 1,000 and 11,000 watts are selectable via LOCAL or REMOTE control. Output level stabilized against ac supply voltage variation


RF Frequency Range                           531 kHz to 1620 kHz, prefitted to one frequency as ordered


RF Terminating Impedance                   50 ohms unbalanced, 1-5/8 inch EIA O/P Flange


Type of Modulator                               NAUTEL Pulse Duration Modulator


Audio Frequency Response                   0.5 dB, dc –10,000 Hz

Audio input low pass filter selectable between Butterworth and Bessel response


Square Wave Overshoot                       2% at 400 Hz (typical with Bessel filter active)


Square Wave Tilt                                3% or less at 40 Hz


Audio Harmonic Distortion                   Better than 1% (THD) at 95% modulation 30-10,000 Hz, 2.5 kW to 10 kW, 1.5% (THD) at 950% modulation, 10,000 Hz, I kW to 2.5 kW

(Reduced antenna bandwidth may degrade specification)


Audio Intermodulation                        1 % or less at 10 kW 60/7000 Hz 4:1 ratio

Distortion                                         SMPTE Standards at 85% modulation


AM Stereo (RF Phase Shift)                  Incidental Quadrature Modulation (IQM) 36 dB or better (40 dB typical) below 95% modulation 30-10,000


Modulation Capability                         125% positive peak modulation capability to 11,000 watts


Carrier Shift                                     Not exceeding 1%


RF Harmonics                                    80 dB or more below 10 kW output


Spurious Outputs                               80 dB or more below 10 kW output


Noise and Hum (Unweighted)                60 dB or more below 100% modulation at 10 kW


Frequency Stability                             5 Hz or 5 ppm whichever is greater over temperature range


Audio Input                                       600 ohms active balanced + 10 dBm nominal Adjustable 0 to +12 dBm for 100% modulation


Power Input                                      198-242V 50/60 Hz three-phase 3 or 4 wire 385-465V 50/60 Hz three-phase 3 or 4 wire

                                                      Other voltages available


Permissible Power

Supply Variation                                5% voltage 5% frequency


Power Consumption                            13.3 kW at 10 kW, 0% modulation

20 kW at 10 kW, 100% continuous sine wave modulation


Power Factor                                     0.98 typical


Overall Efficiency                               Better than 75%


Metering                                          Forward Output Power

Reflected Output Power

DC Input Current and Voltage to Power Blocks,

DC Current Meters, each 1.25 kW Power             Amplifier/Modulator Subsystem



Remote Control                                 Transmitter, ON/OFF

Selection of Exciter A or B

Power Level selection 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Power Trim


Remote Monitoring                             Forward Power Output

Reflected Power Output

Status of Critical Parameters


Ambient Temperature                         -10 to 50C (derate 3C per 500m/2 per 1000 ft. above sea level)


Humidity Range                                 0-95%


Altitude                                           0-4000m (0-13,000 ft.)


Size                                                114cm x 61 cm x 183cm (45. in. wide x 24 in. deep x 72 in. high) .68 sqm (7.5 sq. ft.) Floor Space


Weight                                            530 kg (1165 lbs.)