Technalogix TP300 Processor

The TP300 contains the latest in television electronics, including synthesized crystal- referenced phase-locked-loop oscillators, microprocessor control, SAW-filtered IF and hybrid amplifiers. In addition to these features, it contains automatic input offset programming to remove input offset programming to remove input offsets inherent to off-air channels (0, 10 KHz), cable standard channels (0, +12.5 KHz, +25KHz) and cable HRC channels (0.3 KHz master oscillator offset).

Standard Features

Totally microprocessor Controlled with self-diagnostic monitoring

Selectable Input channels
Off air channels 2 through 69 (VHF and UHF)
Standard cable channels 2 through 125 (54MHz-826MHz)
HRC channels 1 through 125
Optional T7 - 14 (with 'T' option)

Selectable Output channels
Standard cable channels T7 through 118 (7 MHz- 756 MHz)
HRC channels 1 through 118
Off-Air 2-69 (with 'U' option)
Automatic input offset control


Unique circuit detects and corrects Input Signal offset frequency for Heterdyne processing before the IF


SAW filtered IF designed for adjacent channel operation
+60 dBmV output using low-distortion hybrid amplifiers


Non-volatile channel memory


Synthesized oscillators


Crystal referenced phase locked


Digital LED readout


External IF loop


Internal switch selects standard or HRC output


Surface mount Technology construction


RF muted during tuning


RF Characteristics

Frequency range 7 to 750 MHz
Frequency Response ( one channel) 0.5dB
Frequency Tolerance 1 Hz
Frequency Stability 250 KHz
RF Output level 60 dBmV max
Output Impedence > 60 dB below rared power
Harmonics 50 Ohms, unbalanced

Predominant intermodulation products dBc= decibels below visual
+920 KHz carrier
- 920 KHz >-53 dBc
+2.66 MHz >-53 dBc
- 2.66 MHz >-53 dBc
+5.42 MHz >-53 dBc
+7.16 MHz >-53 dBc

3 rd Order Intermodulation Products >-53 dBc
-4.5 MHz
+9.0 MHz >-60 dBc
All >-60 dBc
Others >-60 dBc
Return loss >14 dB

Spurious Emissions >-60 dBc

NTSC Video Characteristics
Input: C3F Neg NTSC
Input impedance 75 Ohms, unbalanced
Input frequencies 7 to 800 MHz
Off-air channels 54 to 890 MHz
RF bandwidth 6.0 MHz
Input AGC range -16 to +16 dBmV
Input AGC type Sync Tip ref.
Recommended input 0-10 dBmV, +60 to +70 dBV
Noise figure 9Db VHF, 10dB UHF
Adjacent channel rejection 60dB
Image rejection 60dB
Audio carrier adjustment range Flat response to -10 from
below the video carrier input levels

IF Section
Video IF Level +37 dBmV, +97 dBV
Audio IF level +22 dBmV, +82 dBV
Return loss >14 dB
IF frequency, Video carrier 45.75 MHz
IF frequency, Audio carrier 41.25 MHz
Video Sound spacing +4.5 MHz
Vestigial side-band width 0.75 MHz
Return loss >14 dB
IF frequency 45.75MHz

Physical Characteristics
Lightweight Enclosure 11 lbs
Minimal rack space 1.75"H X 14" D X 19" W
Operating temperature 0 to 45c, 32 to 110f
Humidity 90 % non-condensing
Low power consumption 110/220 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 6W

Note * These specifications are subject to change without notice and may be altered to meet individual requirements